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pixel fold, google's first foldable phone, opens up to 7.6-inch widescreen OLED display

Google’s first foldable phone-and-tablet


Google has introduced Pixel Fold, its first phablet in true Pixel fashion. Fans of the series can see the familiar polished aluminum casing, triple rear camera, and matte glass surface engraved with Google’s G icon.  The full specs were disclosed on May 10th, 2023 at the annual developer conference Google I/O, where the design team revealed that Pixel Fold’s external screen spans 5.8 inches before it opens up to a 7.6-inch tablet inside with an OLED display and 120hz refresh rate.


When closed, Pixel Fold fits in the palm of your hand and slides easily into pockets. Glancing at the side, the pencil-thin hinge, which Google claims exudes a thinner profile than any other foldable phone in the market, is durable enough to survive Google’s 1-meter tumble and drop tests using phones from its competitors and pre-production Pixel Fold phones. On the other hand, Pixel Fold is not drop-proof, so users have to be careful letting the foldable phone slip from their hands. The foldable phone is also water resistant and equipped with Google Tensor G2, Pixel’s latest powerful processor that is custom-built with Google AI.

google pixel fold foldable phone
images courtesy of Google



Triple rear cameras with 20x Super Res Zoom


Google’s Pixel Fold enjoys a triple rear camera system with 10.8 MP ultrawide, 48 MP main rear, up to 20x Super Res Zoom telephoto lenses. Its features include Real Tone, Night Sight, and Portrait photography along with pro-level modes from Pixel 7 Pro, such as 10-bit HDR video. Users can use also Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur in Google Photos to help them remove unnecessary objects – or people – in the images and sharpen the blurry photos.


With the stable hinge of Pixel Fold, users can transform the foldable phone into a mini laptop. They only have to fold the hinge halfway and set the phone on a tabletop. The setting also allows them for a hands-free selfie or group picture and movie watching. The teaser news and video of Pixel Fold were brought out on May 4th, 2023, sharing the same date as the celebration of Star Wars Day. Google grabbed the chance to honor Star Wars and mark the entrance of its first foldable phone by captioning its post with ‘May the Fold Be With You.’

google pixel fold foldable phone
Google Pixel Fold has three rear cameras



Pixel Fold’s battery may last up to 72 hours


Glancing at its closed form, Google’s Pixel Fold is as thin as a pencil even if it’s anchoring two screens. Smartphone users have shared stories on social media on the bloated and cracked screen problems of the forerunning foldable phones of other companies, and the same incident is yet to be seen and experienced with Pixel Fold. The gloss of the aluminum may be concealing a durable hinge, enough to weather the incessant pleating should the user keeps using the tablet form, but the jury is still out on this.


Google passes on its power-saving technology to Pixel Fold, so its new foldable phone is up for a battery that can let the phone run for over 24 hours. Its 4,821 mAh battery and wireless charging is a step down from Pixel 7 Pro’s 5,000 mAh one with fast wireless charging and battery share, a feature that allows users to transform their phone into a wireless charger. If the users click on Pixel’s extreme power saving, they can even let the phone up and running for up to 72 hours. As of publishing the story, Pixel Fold is introduced at a price tag of 1,799 USD.

This article has been updated on May 15th, 2023 following the recent news about the subject.

google pixel fold foldable phone
Pixel Fold seems to have a refined aluminum casing like its predecessors

google pixel fold foldable phone
Pixel Fold’s dual screen allows users to multitask

google pixel fold foldable phone
users can turn the foldable phone into a mini laptop too

google pixel fold foldable phone
Google’s Pixel Fold is water resistant, but not drop-proof

google pixel fold foldable phone
it is equipped with 4,821 mAh battery and wireless charging


Google Pixel Fold


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