google pixel watch 2 made with recycled aluminum alerts users when they are stressed

google pixel watch 2 made with recycled aluminum alerts users when they are stressed

All-new google pixel watch 2 with AI sensors


During the Made by Google conference on October 4th, the tech giant unveiled its upgraded Google Pixel Watch 2, which comes with a screen display that never turns off – if activated – and AI-boosted algorithms and sensors that can detect stress, health concerns, and life-threatening situations such as accidents and falls. The flickering sensor at the rear of the wearable technology constantly keeps the wearer in the loop regarding their health and alerts them through the display screen so they can attend to themselves as soon as possible.


The Google Pixel Watch 2 comes with three new sensors to provide the wearer with more detailed information about their health. One of these sensors, a better heart rate monitor with many small lights, can give them a more accurate reading of their heart rate through its AI-supported algorithm. Another feature is called ‘Body Response’ from Fitbit, whose sensor keeps an eye out for signs of stress using a machine learning algorithm.


It looks at signs like the wearer’s heart rate, changes in their heart rate, and even their skin temperature. If the program notices signs of stress, whether it’s positive stress like excitement or negative stress, it will let the wearer know with a notification. When they receive this notification, the screen flashes a form of guided breathing exercise so the wearer can practice mindfulness and take a moment to think about how they are feeling, allowing them to do something to help reduce their stress.

google pixel watch 2
images by Google



Made with 100% recycled aluminum


Google also unveiled its new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro during the Made By Google conference, both of which will have 7 years of consistent software updates to keep the smartphones up to date. These new Pixel phones spring alongside the new Pixel Watch 2 which can last all day on a single charge even with the always-on screen as Google claims. The watch is designed to be comfortable for long periods of wear with replaceable vibrant watch bands to choose from and is made from 100% recycled aluminum to make it lighter than the previous version.


The control crown on the side is larger and blends in better with the watch’s shape, making it easier to use. Inside, the Pixel Watch 2 has a new, faster processor to ensure the system runs smoothly. It also has a special low-power chip that helps it last for 24 hours on one charge, even if you keep the screen on all the time. Plus, it can charge up really quickly, reaching 50% battery in just 30 minutes, so the user can wear it from morning to night without worrying about the battery.

google pixel watch 2
Google Pixel Watch 2 comes with three new sensors to provide the wearer with more detailed info about their health



Medical information on-screen during emergencies


On top of features like fall detection and Emergency SOS that were first introduced in the original Pixel Watch, the new Pixel Watch 2 now comes with Safety Check, which lets selected contacts know that the wearer is okay when they are out and about. They can set the timer to fire off the notification and choose up to 15 people to send a text message to. If the user doesn’t check in when the timer ends, their emergency contacts will receive another message with their location on a map.


Google Pixel Watch 2 can also store the medical information of the user and display it on the screen even if the smartwatch is locked. This can be helpful, especially in emergency cases such as allergy attacks. As an extra precaution, the wearer can also attach a tag to their watch band to let emergency responders know there’s important medical info to check on their Google Pixel Watch 2. Google says the upgraded smartwatch will be available in 30 countries on October 12, 2023, with a price of 349 USD for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and 399 USD for models with 4G LTE.

google pixel watch 2
side view of the new Google Pixel Watch 2

google pixel watch 2
the flickering sensor that can monitor the user’s health

google pixel watch 2
the new smart watch still features the Emergency SOS with real-time location sharing


all-new Google Pixel Watch 2


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