google eliminates ballpark figures to help with solar panel installations
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the data masters at google have decided to release detailed information to help everyone analyze key factors to help with solar panel installation. project sunroof’ adds another dynamic to an already powerful google earth, with comprehensive mapping and computing resources to calculate the best solar plan to anyone. by enter an address, the system looks up the location in google maps and combines that information with other databases to create a personalized roof analysis. this is done by aerial imagery, 3D modeling, shadowing algorithms and historical cloud, temperature and sun patterns that might affect solar energy production. 


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‘project sunroof’ recommends an installation size to generate close to 100% of the electricity use, based on roof size, the amount of sun hitting the roof and the electricity bill. the website also compiles local incentive programs to the final cost to give the most accurate final cost. the google ‘project sunroof’ is only available in the san francisco bay, fresno, and greater boston areas. the company plans to aggressively expand the project for cities around the world. 

google-project-sunroof-designboom-02quick glance at the available information for an address  


google-project-sunroof-designboom-03a detailed layout of the potential savings for a projected solar panel installation