google self-driving car approved for the road
all images courtesy of google




it’s been approved. the google self driving car project got the green light from the state of california to join the roads for the 2015 summer. a few prototype vehicles will leave the test track and hit the roads of mountain view, california with safety drivers aboard. the autonomous cars have been through standard rigorous testing at the google test facilities to ensure that the software and sensors work on the new prototypes. the fleet will have the same software as the self-driving lexus RX 450h SUVs which already experienced a million autonomous miles. each prototype’s speed is limited to 25 mph, and will accommodate drivers with removable steering wheels, accelerator pedals, and brake pedals that allow them to take control if required. google aims to solve the uncontrollable aspects of driving that cannot be simulated on test tracks, such as congestion, construction, and social acceptance. check out designboom’s in dept coverage of the project here


video courtesy of google


google’s autonomous car on the roads


the ‘google self-driving car’ is a INDEX: design award 2015 finalist.


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