gogglepal brings universal heads-up display to snow goggles
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gogglepal‘ empowers the user to add augmented reality and real-time heads up display to any pair of snow goggles. the small headset consists of two components that securely attach to any lens with a magnetic button, and a controller pack that fastens to the goggle strap. ‘gogglepal’ collects real time speed and vertical drop – distance traveled down the slope – automatically using the built-in six axis gyroscope.

magnetically mounted lens piece  



the silicon valley company sells the product in four models, the basic headset ‘gogglepal sport’ includes speed, vertical drop, acceleration, air time, rotation, calories burned and HUD message notification. building upon this, the ’connect’ edition also features added HUD navigation, and the ‘play’ amplifies the experience with treasure hunt capabilities. finally, the ‘gold’ which boasts all the ranges features, comes in its limited namesake color.


‘gogglepal’ kickstarter campaign
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the ‘gogglepal’ unit connects to smartphones using bluetooth 4.0 and has a battery that last eight hours per charge. the companion iOS version of the app is free to download. it tracks stats such as calories burned and distance traveled, links to facebook, and uses google maps to route the trails. the interface enables friends to find each other, leave messages, and connects to play games. currently, ‘gogglepal’ is seeking funding via its kickstarter, where more information is available.

simple two piece setup


data tracking interface


unobtrusive heads-up display 


enables messaging with the ‘gogglepal’ app




[h/t] gizmag