gopro reveals a 360° camera rig for capturing on google’s VR headset jump
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at google’s annual developer conference google i/o, gopro announced that they are building a 360° camera array for stereoscopic, spherical content capturing. gopro plans on being at the epicenter of advancing innovations in virtual reality (VR), so it made sense for a collaboration with google because of their ever expanding VR platform called ‘jump’. for six months this device will be available to youtube’s top creators after which it will get a consumer release. the few prototypes made will have 16 cameras that work together as one. it includes features such as camera syncing, multi camera control and an extended battery life help, to eliminate some of the video community’s biggest challenges when it comes to spherical content capturing.  


an example of the rig in action 
video courtesy of gopro




announced at last year’s i/o conference, google ‘jump’ uses a DIY cardboard headset and a smartphone to capture and share immersive 3D content so that everyone can experience a time or place like they’re actually there. at the 2015 i/o conference, google decided to enlarge the headset to fit six inch smartphones as well as expand the SDK to work with apple’s iOS software. together, the two companies created a easy-to-use integrated solution for a truly immersive experience. 

google’s DIY VR headset jump
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image courtesy of google   


prototype rig by gopro
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the VR headset is compatible with 6 inch smartphones 
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the smartphone inside the headset splits the picture to create the VR experience 
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google made available the blueprints for the headset 
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