gucci has introduced a feature on its app that lets users virtually ‘try on’ its ace sneakers, a mainstay of the house’s collection. it has partnered with belarus-based startup wannaby to develop the feature, which allows gucci to present its newest models to its fans in the fastest way possible.

gucci introduces iOS app that lets you try shoes on using augmented reality

images courtesy of gucci/wannaby



wannaby has recently released the most precise and accurate shoe AR try-on technology that was acknowledged by industry leaders and AR professionals all over the world. in january 2019 the team launched an AR try-on sneakers app – wanna kicks. similarly, people can pick the ace sneakers of their choice on screen using the gucci iOS app, point their mobile device’s camera at their feet and virtually ‘try-on’ the selected pair.


‘the ace sneaker, with its ever-changing decorations, has become a canvas for gucci through which to demonstrate its delight in creative decoration and embellishment,’ the italian fashion house explains. ‘as such it is also the ideal vehicle through which customers can express their own personalities.’

gucci introduces iOS app that lets you try shoes on using augmented reality



customers can also take photos of themselves ‘wearing’ their favourite ace models and share these on social media platforms. other features include special stickers and wallpapers on the gucci app, which allow users to customize their devices.


project info


company: gucci

partner: wannaby

product: iOS app, augmented reality ‘virtually try on’ feature