hammacher schlemmer’s sidewinding circular skates can turn 720°
images courtesy of hammacher schlemmer




propelled by leaning side to side, the ‘sidewinding circular skates’ by hammacher schlemmer, drives riders forward in a serpentine motion similar to longboard skateboarding. however, unlike the longboard, the skates work without having to push off the ground. simply placing their feet on the two platforms which can support up to 200 lbs in weight, users can easily perform 720° spins as the wheels are not connected. an extendable rod can be joined to both, providing stability to novices and making the learning period faster. the ‘sidewinding circular skates’ are suitable for the ages of eight years old and above and can even be used on short grass, thanks to its 10-inch rubber wheel diameter.


demonstration of how riders would use the skates on pavements, grass and dirt surfaces
video courtesy of hammacher schlemmer


the two 10-inch rubber wheels enables users to stop on a dime


an extendable rod can connect the two wheels in order to provide stability




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