‘thin boombox’ by hannes harms hannes harms: flat boombox

german-born masters candidate hannes harms from the royal college of art has designed ‘thin boom-box’, a small speaker which incorporates future technology focused on flat electrical components. by using 0.5mm thin stainless steel, its volume and material are highly reduced, making the methods for the manufacturing process in consumer electronics more sustainable. with acid-etching, the sheet of stainless steel is cut and engraved extremely precisely, allowing for 100% recyclability due to its extractive process. the shape of the product also allows for efficient shipping, enabling the use of envelope style packaging. once purchased, the user would assemble the speaker by bending the metal along pre-scored lines.

hannes harms: flat boombox from left to right: flat component, form without speaker component, fully assembled with speaker component

hannes harms: flat boomboxdetail

hannes harms: flat boomboxsandblasting process

hannes harms: flat boomboxflat speaker component