henrik fisker thunderbolt interpretation of aston martin V12 vanquish
images courtesy of galpin auto sports




unveiled at the 2015 amelia island concours d’elegance in florida, henrik fisker’s ‘thunderbolt’ is a personal coupé interpretation of the aston martin ‘V12 vanquish’. its powerful exterior profile, formed from hand-laid, coach-built carbon fiber, showcases undeniable characteristics that are concurrent with the automotive designer’s past work. the body is clean, with no creases but has a deeply sculpted side air ducting and long, triangular air intakes on its large hood dome. staying with the roof, the sportscar has panoramic dark tinted glass which leads down to the wraparound rear window and thin protruding, blade-like tail lamps. matching this, the front also boasts a unique set of head lights and a distinctive aluminum grille.

the automobile has had its standard ride height lowered by 15 millimeters




‘I wanted to create an elegant beautiful GT sports coupe, with pure emotional sculpture, that would stay timeless,’ said henrik fisker.





inside, the ‘thunderbolt’ maintains the original’s traditional elegance but adds leading connectivity and user interfaces. one such example is the panasonic 11.6-inch curved control screen, a first to be applied in a car, which reduces reflections and glare, offers high-resolution and is adjustable to the driver’s height preference. showcasing its interior glamor, the dash features a skeleton chronograph from the swiss watch maker maurice lacroix, has trimmed leather surfaces by the italian furniture manufacturer natuzzi, and has a champagne bottle holder.

it features 21-inch alloy wheels with performance tires




‘aston martin already makes some of the most beautiful and powerful cars available today,’ said galpin aston martin president, beau boeckmann. ‘henrik’s design builds upon this. it’s simply beautiful and really must be seen in-person to understand what an amazing piece of sculptural art it is. the amelia island concours d’elegance is one of the premier car shows in the world, celebrating coach building and fine design, this was the perfect place for thunderbolt’s debut.’





made as a one-off prototype by fisker, a very limited number of additional cars can be specially ordered through galpin aston martin.

the rear boasts thin protruding, blade-like tail lamps


its panasonic 11.6-inch curved control screen is the first to be installed in a car


the carbon fiber bodywork displays a cleanly sculpted form
image courtesy of deremer studios


the thunderbolt on display at the ameia island concours d’elegance


image courtesy of deremer studios