HEVO to hide wireless EV charging stations as manhole covers
HEVO to hide wireless EV charging stations as manhole covers
image courtesy of HEVO power




new york-based HEVO power addresses the increased popularity of sustainable transportation solutions among city dwellers by developing a wireless charging station for electric vehicles. the design sees the ‘HEVO power station’ being integrated into our urban conditions (using NYC as a pilot) as manhole covers, offering a seamless system that does not visually interrupt the environment like existing imposing terminals.

an app will accompany the system that will offer uses features like map it! to find vacant spots; park it! to direct drivers to the right position over one of the charging stations; pay it! that offers the option of wireless bill pay; want it! for discounts and coupons given to local vendors in the area; a power meter so that you can track your vehicle’s powering status; and data utilization that display’s your battery percentage, balance and emission savings. in this way, drivers can locate the nearest depot from where they are and just simply ‘park and charge’ their cars, eliminating the hassle and potential liability risk of dangling power cords in urban settings that is a problem at current.



how the HEVO power station would work
video courtesy of HEVO power



HEVO’s wireless power station has not only been conceived for passenger and commuter fleets, but is also applicable for commercial fleets and the military–enabling hands-free power options in motor pools and potential combat zones, by providing a reliable and safe connection to the grid.

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