‘hidden radio speaker’ by hidden devices

san francisco-based designer john van nieuwenhuizen and milan-based designer vitor santa maria of hidden devices have created ‘hidden radio‘. the intuitively designed, minimalistic speaker has been formed with no knobs, buttons or displays. to adjust the volume, the user must spin the cylindrical cap clockwise to heighten the volume, turning down the volume by the reverse movement.

the underside of the device base holds all physical adjustment tools, while the true control panel exists as the user’s cellular phone with the capacity for bluetooth connectivity. the simple and streamlined battery-powered speaker can attain a volume of 80 decibels, featuring wireless bluetooth connection to any smart device, FM radio, and the capacity to adapt to non-bluetooth devices with a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

the project is currently seeking support through the ‘hidden radio speaker’ kickstarter page in order to begin production.

hidden radio bluetooth speaker three production models of ‘hidden radio’

hidden radio bluetooth speaker the device interfaces via bluetooth with all compatible cellphones

hidden radio bluetooth speaker intuitively designed for manual use as well as via bluetooth, the speaker’s sound is adjusted by twisting upward to raise the volume, and sliding the cap downward to lower it

hidden radio bluetooth speaker with the bluetooth feature, one may control multiple ‘hidden radio’ speakers through their cell phonehidden radio bluetooth speaker conceptual sketch for ‘hidden radio’

hidden radio bluetooth speaker conceptual sketch for ‘hidden radio’