hiddenhub conforms sound waves to fill the room with music
all images courtesy of hidden radio design






the ‘hiddenhub’ by hidden radio design is an audio nucleus that adapts musical needs to the household. it detects when users are home, conforming the waves to the shape of the room, resulting in a more immersive sound experience. with its intelligent sensors and proprietary logic board, the speaker analyzes a room’s layout and dynamically adjusts its audio profile to fit that space. it distributes the frequencies and individually regulates each driver’s power in order to evenly fill corners with sound.


video courtesy of hidden radio design


skipping out on bluetooth connectivity because of it’s audio compressing, the ‘hiddenhub’ uses WiFi audio protocols to transfer the information to deliver full, lossless music every time. natively compatible with all popular platforms (airplay, DLNA), the hub will allow users to setup multiple speakers around the house to create a multi-room sound experience. if a network doesn’t exist, the speaker will create its own 5GHz streaming network with a press of a button. this will allow the same music to play across all speakers in each room from local devices, such as tablets, smartphones and personal computers. a capacitive touch sensor allows a simple swipe or tap that can adjust the volume, play, pause, change tracks and even adjust the brightness of the accent lights to set the mood. the project is currently looking for funding to help with manufacturing costs. expect it to arrive in march 2016. 

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-02using WiFi protocols, the music is delivered without compression

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-03connects to television sound systems

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-04the capacitive touch sensor controls volume and 

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-05battery powered, the speaker can go outside

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-06built-in LED light acts as an accent light

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-07the outer ring incorporates a capacitive touch sensor

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-08the speaker can be configured for each room 

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-09compatible with other wireless speakers 

hiddenhub-smart-home-hub-designboom-10founders vitor santa maria and john van den nieuwenhuizen