kosho tsuboi introduces floating cantilever design with meizu gravity wireless speaker
all images courtesy of meizu




meizu’s ’gravity’ by kosho tsuboi is a wireless speaker with a deceiving floating body and display while continuously providing high quality sound from a small package. what stands out the most, is the heads-up screen prism the creates the illusion of floating above the ground. 


video courtesy of meizu




‘the concept of ‘missing design’ is to reduce the boundary and existence of an object and to blur the edges of such object, which helps the object fit in with the environment,’ explains kosho tsuboi. ‘as in gravity, the smart use of prism helps reduce the outlines of the screen, letters and symbols. as a result, music information seems to be floating in mid air. the design as a whole aims to help users forget about gravity, but keep the sense of balance.’ 

meizu ‘gravity’




the small-sized speaker uses a complex optical reflection formula to present the album art and track information. meizu partnered with dirac to accumulate 20 years of experience for an ultimate acoustic experience. ‘gravity’ encompasses an amplifier and is paired with a dual passive resonance membrane for a more vigorous low-frequency output. 

the backplate of the wireless speaker




simplified wi-fi connectivity allows users to stream directly from a smartphone or tablet through the designated app. meizu has launched an indiegogo campaign for the ‘gravity’ speaker with plans to ship to backers in december 2016. 


video courtesy of meizu

connects to smartphones via wi-fi or bluetooth 

the top view

the glass prism displays track information and art work

‘gravity’ encompasses an amplifier

a built-in dual passive resonance membrane allows for a more vigorous low-frequency output

the reflective glass display 

design sketch by kosho tsuboi