HiSmart bag merges wearable technology with minimalist fashion design
all images courtesy of lepow




the ‘HiSmart’ bag by lepow, boasts a range of leading wearable technology capabilities that keeps the user connected to their smart devices. once the accompanying app is downloaded, hands free calling, music listening, photo taking, location pinning and voice recording are all possible with the product. not only as the first-of-its-kind to feature these advancements, the ‘HiSmart’ can easily transform from a 12 x 14 x 5-inch messenger bag to a backpack measuring 18 x 14 x 5-inches.


the convertible, urban bag
video courtesy of lepow




weighing just 2 lbs, the waterproof canvas ‘HiSmart’ bag is suitable for urban explorers, featuring a two-way opening that allows the user to access the 12 inside compartments. combing this practicality with the minimalist style, the design removes any unnecessary embellishments in order to focus attention to the fidlock, positioned on its right side. the transforming and technology-packed gear is seeking funding via its indiegogo campaign.

use the HiRemote as a camera shutter control for great quality photos


it comes in either a black or cognac color


it transforms from a messenger bag to a backpack


the zipper on the back, enables users to access items remotely


12-pocket internal compartments keeps all your laptop and devices organized


its nylon interior is durable enough to withstand any items inside


its fidlock makes it easy to transform the bag’s orientation and serves as a focal point for the minimalistic bag


a strong belt-style strap is numbered to allow the user to remember the size that fits them the best


the canvas is waterproof to protect electronics


the HiRemote on the strap connects to the app so wearers are able to access their phone