philips shapes portable iPhone charger to resemble water canteen
all images courtesy of holger hoehn and catherine wong





philips ‘power potion’ (DLP3003) by lead designer holger hoehn and catherine wong is an uniquely crafted capsule with an aluminum knurling pattern ring and an integrated ‘lightning’ connector to charge an apple ‘iPhone’. the body is made with a soft-touch plastic finishing and fits securely in an users hand. the small and compact size means it will always be around.

holger-hoehn-philips-power-potion-3000-catherine-wong-designboom-02the integrated ‘lightning’ connector in the lid




a LED power indictor at the top tracks the 3000 mAh battery where the smartphone can be held comfortably. the body includes a micro USB and full sized USB connectors for both inputs and outputs. little details can be customized to match the color of any iPhone case available. the project is currently available in the UK and hong kong. 

holger-hoehn-philips-power-potion-3000-catherine-wong-designboom-03inside houses a 3000 mAh battery  holger-hoehn-philips-power-potion-3000-catherine-wong-designboom-04the ‘power potion’ comes in contrasting black and whiteholger-hoehn-philips-power-potion-3000-catherine-wong-designboom-05a rubber strap keeps the lid from getting lostholger-hoehn-philips-power-potion-3000-catherine-wong-designboom-06 at the bottom are two USB connectors for charge and recharging holger-hoehn-philips-power-potion-3000-catherine-wong-designboom-07 the aluminum knurling pattern ring

holger-hoehn-philips-power-potion-3000-catherine-wong-designboom-08tiny enough to fit any bagholger-hoehn-philips-power-potion-3000-catherine-wong-designboom-09 colors match apple’s lineup of accessories