holovit is bringing the fun and excitement of futuristic technology into every home with its holographic systems. the studio has created three types of screens that turn videos into free floating holograms: a small version designed for smart phones and tablets; a medium for laptops; and a large edition for TVs. with holovit’s screens, viewers can watch hundreds of online videos as virtual hologram shows. the brand has also developed an accompanying holographic video game available on google play and the apple app store.





the most innovative part of this project is the new hologram recording set where users can turn themselves into a hologram, quickly and easily. the modular set comes with a stand and a special laminated background. when users record their own hologram, these holographic videos can be shared with friends on social media — without requiring any special kind of recorder for recording videos.





the systems offer a multi-dimensional experience that allows users to feel as if the hologram images are real. particularly, the television-compatible screens offer an exciting, immersive experience with huge, holographic images floating freely in the room without a projector.


holovit’s aim is to produce more holographic videos and games. the miami-based company are currently crowdfunding on their indigogo campaign.