honda explores the option of personal micro-vehicles with ‘wander’ concepts
all images courtesy of honda





set to debut at the tokyo motor show, the honda ‘wander’ concepts embrace the idea that people should move freely with a simple mobile vehicle. the ‘wander stand’ concept has minimalistic controls and an augmented reality system that projects information onto the dashboard and windscreen. designed specifically to maneuver freely among pedestrians, the ‘wander walker’ is a cutting edge scooter with features leather wrapped handles, wood trim and small display with an infotainment system. the front wheels can also be rotated to extreme angles which should give the next generation vehicle excellent maneuverability. these micro concept vehicles are an attractive option because they don’t require the kind of series modifications that honda have to carry out for full sized cars. the concepts will be available for viewing at the 2015 tokyo motor show on october 29 to november 8. 

honda-wander-stand-concept-designboom-02the windscreen will display vital information  honda-wander-stand-concept-designboom-03meant for standing with an option of seating honda-wander-stand-concept-designboom-04 the ‘wander walker concept’ honda-wander-stand-concept-designboom-05the concept features a small display showing location details  honda-wander-stand-concept-designboom-06the wheels make radical angles to cope with tight turns