HONOR Magic 6 smartphone with eye-tracking interaction


Blink once, and the user might be able to open an app. Blink twice, and HONOR has yet to share what will happen. What the brand has unveiled, however, is that its upcoming HONOR Magic 6 will let users control, move, and open apps and settings on the smartphone using only their eyes. Those who love starting contests and have lost in the past might finally be able to triumph or continue their winning streaks as they try not to blink just to open and control apps on this phone. HONOR revealed the upcoming smartphone’s functionality during the Snapdragon Summit 2023 in Hawaii from October 24th to 26th.


In the presentation, HONOR demonstrated the eye-tracking-based multimodal interaction called Magic Capsule. As viewers can see in the video (although it is merely a representation of the actual feature), the girl who shall not blink keeps browsing, opening, and using apps using only her eyes. It seems that the front camera and sensor can detect the movement of the eyes, and the users can see a cursor on HONOR Magic 6, which can help them navigate through and use the apps. HONOR is yet to fully disclose when the Magic 6 will arrive, or if it is already in production, and how the functionality works, including what functions blinks entail.

honor magic 6 smartphone eye
video stills by HONOR



HONOR reveals generative AI and voice assistant YOYO


Alongside the eye-tracking-based multimodal interaction, HONOR also teases that it might start living in its Generative-AI era. During their presentation at the Snapdragon Summit 2023, they also showcased an AI video creation demo using its smart-voice assistant, YOYO. By providing command prompts to YOYO, the AI-powered smart-voice assistant can easily create short videos featuring photos and footage stored on users’ devices. This feature may be helpful for content creators who may not have enough time to sift through their photos and just want to quickly upload a video clip to their channels.

As viewers can see in the video demonstration (at the end of this story), it seems that YOYO can also generate videos in different settings and with the user’s face. If the users ask YOYO to recreate their childhood videos from the past to the present, the smart-voice assistant might be able to use AI filters to crop and age the user’s face and place it on the generated video, making it feel as if the users’ video was created recently. HONOR says that templates, themes, and music of the generated videos can also be customized with additional prompts for personalized results.


As of publishing the story, HONOR has yet to share when the Magic 6 smartphone is hitting the market, but the team did reveal that it will be powered by Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform and the power of on-device large language model (LLM) with a parameter size of seven billion.

honor magic 6 smartphone eye
the eye-tracking-based multimodal interaction is called Magic Capsule

honor magic 6 smartphone eye
HONOR also teases its smart-voice assistant YOYO which can create AI videos

honor magic 6 smartphone eye
the users can just put in command prompts, and YOYO may be able to handle the rest

honor magic 6 smartphone eye
templates, themes, and music of the generated videos can also be customized with additional prompts


sneak peek of the generative AI from HONOR


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