haul large packages and surfboards with the horse sidecar bicycle
all images courtesy of horse






city cyclists will always have a problem transporting large goods around town no matter what bike they ride. the ‘sidecar bicycle’ by horse is a stout three wheeler with a hardwood flatbed and small 12 inch wheel. it’s designed to haul packages around town, but for evenings and weekends riders can throw surfboards and cruise down to the beach. it has approximately a 100 pound load capacity, that is made entirely of strong chromoly alloy steel. the bicycle comes complete and ready to ride with 35 mm tires, brooks saddle and grips. handmade in the united states, the horse ‘sidecar bicycle’ is made of hardwood oak, but is also available in reclaimed coney island boardwalk salvaged from hurricane sandy. 


horse-side-car-bicycle-designboom-02the sidecar with a 12 inch wheel



horse-side-car-bicycle-designboom-03the added rack is ideal for surfboards 



horse-side-car-bicycle-designboom-04the bicycle is a standard single speed 



horse-side-car-bicycle-designboom-05features brooks grips and saddle 



horse-side-car-bicycle-designboom-06the wider frame allows for uninterrupted pedal while transporting large goods



horse-side-car-bicycle-designboom-07the plank for the sidecar comes in either oak or reclaimed planks from the coney island boardwalk



horse-side-car-bicycle-designboom-08the surf board attachment allows for up to four boards


horse-side-car-bicycle-designboom-09the whole frame is made of chromoly alloy steel