HP envy 17: the first leap motion controlled laptop
all images courtesy leap motion



delivering opportunities to interact beyond the traditional screen and keyboard, HP introduces the world’s first notebook with integrated leap motion technology. the ‘HP envy 17’ leap motion special edition is an innovative PC that can sense the user’s natural movements for easy navigation and control with pinpoint accuracy to make games, modeling and presentations come to life. boasting a vivid 17.3-inch diagonal full HD display and a NVIDIA graphics card, the package provides a faster and more responsive experience for viewing movies and playing games. as leap motion controller’s hardware is already quite small, it would need to be even smaller to fit into other devices. a new 3.5mm micro sensor has been designed to fit inside, making it the most minute embeddable 3D motion control technology on the market.



HP ENVY17 leap motion special edition



HP envy 17: the first leap motion controlled laptop

only 3.5 millimetres high, the new micro sensor



embedded below the keyboard, users would turn leap motion’s technology on and off by selecting function + space bar. an integrated status LED will light up when the sensor is active.