hsbLABS develop software to drive 3D architectural printing
all images courtesy of hsbCAD




to fully captivate its audience to their concepts, architects are always in need to visually embody their latest computer-aided drawings into 3D forms. hsbLABS, a research and development branch of hsbCAD, refined their software application that now can take those architectural home sketches and form them into 3D printable models, with an added bonus of making them linkable for rapid assembly.  the product works seamlessly with ‘autodesk architecture’, but in 2014 managing director alex vinckier wanted to take an advanced step and evolve it to combine ‘autodesk revit’ and the 3D printing insurgency.

karel vinckier with the 3D printed panels 



CEO karel vinckier tells online blog 3Dprint, ‘the whole story starts with the ‘revit’ environment. first of all, the architect produces a ‘revit’ 3D model for a building. the application then breaks the model down into its constituent elements, in dimensions optimized for the printing space that today’s 3D printers typically have. the user can make any adjustments or corrections to the elements; then the software automatically adds connectors to the elements. it also stacks the elements in batches to optimize output according to the 3D printer’s capability. at this point, hsb 3D printing sends the print files to the 3D printer, which produces a ‘kit’ to be assembled by simply clicking the pieces together at their connector points. the user can then paint the model or add any other finishing touches. depending on the printer’s capabilities, the product can drive printing in different materials and colors as well.’ the connectors are used for the assembly stage and do not need any tools. the team hopes to attract early adopters to join ‘hsbLABS’ into the 3D evolution, and with a simple click, make CAD printing more straightforward.


hsbLABS details the process of the printing setup 


the software deconstructs the sketches into printable 3D parts


each printed part is connectable for assembly


capable of printing in different colors and elaborate shapes


the application can create renderings that can be connected and 3D printed using the hsbCAD software