htc’s ‘chacha’ (left) and ‘salsa’ (right) smartphones integrate with facebook across a range of functions

announced at mobile world congress 2011, the ‘chacha’ and ‘salsa’ smartphones by htc are designed in both hardware and software to automatically integrate with facebook.

both running the htc sense interface on what is announced to be android 2.4 gingerbread, the phones’ hardware facebook button provides one-click interfacing with facebook, and optionally twitter, across a range of media and phone functions.

htc chacha + htc salsa facebook phones the ‘htc’ chacha

if the key is clicked while one is taking a photograph or looking at an image onscreen, the phone will automatically offer to upload it to facebook. if instead the button is pressed while the phone is being used to play music, the current track is identified and posted to the user’s wall with a link to its amazon download.

when a user makes a phone call, the dialer screen displays the receiver’s recent status updates and photos. facebook conversations appear alongside text and e-mail communications in the phones’ inboxes.

the phone’s built-in calendar automatically syncs with facebook events.

htc chacha + htc salsa facebook phones the ‘htc salsa’

both phones also feature a 5-megapixel front and VGA rear camera, and are wifi and bluetooth -ready. the ‘htc chacha’ includes a full QWERTY keyboard beneath its 2.6″ touchscreen, while the ‘htc salsa’ features a 3.4″ completely touch display.

both phones are expected to be available in late spring of 2011.

htc preview of the ‘salsa’ model

via slashgear