hudl2 tablet created by chauhan studio and tesco has a 8.3″ HD display
images courtesy of chauhan studio




london-based industrial design company, chauhan studio have collaboratively created the 8.3″ HD screen hudl2 tablet with tesco. the aim is to deliver a holistic user experience through good design, an intuitive software interaction and easy-to-use services. with the full high-definition display, intel quad core processor, dolby sound equipment and one of the highest specifications in its class, the pad hits its goals at a valuable price. the product embodies the hudl brand value of ‘accessbile technology that makes customers happy’ and reflects a coherent form language.

features a high-definition screen




keith metcalfe, head of hardware product development at tesco was also involved in the production – that focused on surface finishes, colors and materials. the tablets are available from october in a wide range of color options, such as; black, white, red, orange, pink, purple and turquoise.





‘we wanted to create a beautiful object that conveyed confidence and communicated the hudl2’s technical acumen, whilst being friendly and accessible for a broad audience. our goal was to create an object that people will want to pick up,’ says tej chauhan, creative director of chauhan Studio.

the back of the tablet




keith metcalfe comments: ‘working with chauhan studio on hudl2 has been an absolute pleasure and we could not have asked for a more productive partnership. chauhan studio always took time to listen to us in order to understand what the hudl brand stands for. they then came back with ideas and concepts turning that understanding into product designs that we knew our customers would be excited about.’



it is available in black, white, red, pink, orange, purple and turquoise


side view of the hudl2