huge moto’s DIY kit turns plain honda CBRs into futuristic road warriors
all images courtesy of huge moto





it’s tricky customizing a stock motorcycle with add-ons that feel rare and straightforward to install. huge moto wants to help, with a kit that has the fit and finish of stock parts and still keeps the factory geometry in order to retain, performance, handling and reliability. 





their kit is for any average enthusiast to build in their garage with standard tools that don’t require any welding skills or specialized equipment. the customizing kit includes, – levers with integrated turn signals, dual bulb headlight and solo tail with unified brake and turn signals. the kit works with a 2008 honda ‘CBR 1000RR’ and requires basic wiring skills and common tools. huge moto is seeking funding to manufacture their first production run of kits. their mission is to empower the enthusiast to build their own custom bike and the personal satisfaction that comes with it.  

huge-moto-honda-cbr-conversion-kit-designboom-03the tail fender with brake and turn signals


huge-moto-honda-cbr-conversion-kit-designboom-04their full kit


huge-moto-honda-cbr-conversion-kit-designboom-05works with any 2008 honda ‘CBR’ or newer 


huge-moto-honda-cbr-conversion-kit-designboom-06dual LED front headlight


huge-moto-honda-cbr-conversion-kit-designboom-07the kit requires simple tools to assemble