iPhone app human shows how much every city keeps active 
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our smartphones enable us to access millions of tera bytes of data in seconds. but the question is, do they help us grow healthier, more efficient, and generally more active on a daily bases? human tries to aid us, with a smartphone application that simply helps users move for 30 minutes or more, every day. those with desk jobs now, sitting for hours is a silent killer. their app runs in the background and tries to interweave more activity into your daily life. human uses wifi, cell towers, GPS, and motion sensors in the phone to track daily activity, by automatically categorizing activities like walking, running and biking. what makes this a more interesting application, is what they do with the data. other companies use it to for advertising and e-commerce, but human removes identifying particulars from the aggregated data to improve the platform as a whole. they believe this data can help researchers and urban planners improve our lifestyle and environment. that’s why human has created ‘human cities’, a free public website that shows what cities are most active with the live data from the app. they currently have 3 million activities in 900 cities all across the globe. see if your city can match the biking power of copenhagen, the running hours of chicago, and how much people around the world get their daily 30 minutes of activity.


video courtesy of human


human-activity-tracker-city-project-designboom-02the days categorized activities  


human-activity-tracker-city-project-designboom-03live data streaming to the website


human-activity-tracker-city-project-designboom-04infographics to help display city data


human-activity-tracker-city-project-designboom-05the application runs in the background


human-activity-tracker-city-project-designboom-06apple watch version is available


human-activity-tracker-city-project-designboom-07data helps cities push projects to the public


human-activity-tracker-city-project-designboom-08available for all iOS enabled devices


human-activity-tracker-city-project-designboom-09simply U/X experience