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meet apollo: the humanoid robot designed for tasks we'd rather avoid

A Humanoid Robot that boosts Safety and Efficiency


Apptronik, a robotics company, has unveiled Apollo, a humanoid robot designed to support humans by undertaking hazardous or less desirable tasks, thereby enhancing human safety. Apollo stands out as a leading commercial robot, emphasizing friendly interaction, efficient manufacturing, substantial payload capabilities, and a strong focus on safety.


Initially, Apollo is intended for use within warehouses and manufacturing plants. However, its application is anticipated to extend to various sectors, including construction, oil and gas, electronics manufacturing, retail, home delivery, elder care, and more. With a height of 172 cm and a weight of 72 kg, Apollo showcases an endearing figure with two expressive eyes. It can carry a maximum capacity of 29 kg, operating with interchangeable battery packs that guarantee up to four hours of uninterrupted functionality. ‘Humans are toolmakers. We build tools to help us do more with less. Apollo is a new tool that will dramatically improve the way we live and work,’ shares the team.

meet apollo: the humanoid robot designed for tasks we'd rather avoid
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a general-purpose robot capable of managing various tasks


Amid an increasingly challenging labor landscape, Apptronik’s Apollo humanoid robot steps forward as a transformative solution. By addressing labor shortages, Apollo empowers individuals to assume more skilled roles, leading to enhanced work efficiency. Apollo contributes significantly by aiding job satisfaction and workforce retention, as it takes on less desirable tasks.


Furthermore, Apollo’s ability to lift heavy objects reduces the risk of physical strain and workplace injuries. Its compatibility with human-designed environments represents the smooth mix of human creativity and technological advancement that made it. Humanoid robots are vital in mitigating workforce shortages, particularly in fields like logistics. Apollo’s capacity to manage tasks such as unloading trailers allows human workers to focus on more suitable tasks. Meanwhile, unlike robots that are only good at one thing, like stacking items, Apollo can do many different jobs in a distribution center and switch between them without any trouble.

meet apollo: the humanoid robot designed for tasks we'd rather avoid

Apollo is adaptable and can manage various tasks


‘Humans are toolmakers. Since the beginning of time, we have built tools to help us do more with less. I believe that we are at an amazing point in human history. A point where we can finally build for ourselves the ultimate tools. Machines that have the ability to harness the power of computers and software in the physical world,’ explains Jeff Cardenas, CEO.


‘Many are afraid of what this future might hold. To those I say think long term, about our role in this world and what ‘progress’ ultimately means. Live in hope for a better future, not in fear. Time is our most precious resource, and it is limited. Many great thinkers in the past century dreamed that we would use our knowledge and advances in science to free ourselves to work less. John Maynard Keynes famously predicted his grandchildren would work 15-hour work weeks. That future is now within our reach.’

meet apollo: the humanoid robot designed for tasks we'd rather avoid

Apollo proudly presents a maximum payload capacity of 29 kg


‘At Apptronik, we dream of building a new tool for humans, so that we can spend time the way we want. So that we are free from doing work that we don’t want to do and can spend time on things we really value. A tool that is built by humans, for humans. To operate in spaces designed for us, and ultimately help us to continue to evolve and unlock more of our potential,’ he adds.


‘Building Apollo has been an act of love. It is our way of showing our appreciation to the rest of humanity. This is our offering, however big or small. We hope that we can inspire future generations to show just what we are capable of as humans. In the same way we were inspired by those who came before us. We have poured our humanity into this machine. We believe it has the potential to dramatically improve the way we live on Earth… and take us so far beyond,’ 

humanoid robot apollo effectively handles hazardous tasks enhancing human safety
it can perform a variety of tasks within a distribution center and switch between them throughout the day

 meet apollo: the humanoid robot designed for tasks we'd rather avoid

Apollo is helpful when working with self-driving carts


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name: Apollo

company: Apptronik

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