humlan marc headphones by marc jacobs & urbanears have washable parts
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the ‘humlan marc’ headphones announce the collaboration between marc jacobs and urbanears, and the world’s first with washable parts. its headband and ear cushions can be removed and thrown in with the laundry to provide a fresh and clean listening experience, even if the music is not. available in ocean, berries and oil colors, they are the first set of the joint collection.

side view of the ocean colored headphones




the exclusive ‘marc’ adaption of the ‘humlan’ headphones feature the zound plug for instant music sharing, and a microphone/remote for picking up hands-free calls. the built-in remote and mic also enables songs to be fast forwarded and rewinded to offer the user a range of controls. with the 40mm dynamic drivers and frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, wearers can experience customizable, clear quality listening.






urbanears humlan headphones
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the berries edition


the humlan marc headphones in oil color