development firm hypergiant industries has designed a bioreactor that can suck as much carbon dioxide from the air as an acre of forest. filled with algae, the 3’x3’x7′ cube is intended for use in urban environments where it can fit within office buildings. the device could give dense cities a new weapon in the fight against climate change.


the prototype device, which hypergiant industries says is currently in operation, is three-by-three-by-seven feet. it’s a closed system that works indoors, connecting with an HVAC system to reduce CO2 levels inside and release cleaner air. the long-term concept includes integration with ‘smart’ city programs where the algae byproduct of biodiesel can provide fuel for a variety of other products that promote and improve urban living.

this algae-based bioreactor can swallow as much C02 from the air as an acre of trees

images courtesy of hypergiant industries



algae thrive on carbon dioxide emissions making it one of nature’s most efficient tools for carbon capture and sequestration. it could play a critical role in the sustainability of human life in our ecosystem. what’s more, algae can be used to create carbon negative fuels, plastics, textiles, food, fertilizer and much more.


hypergiant says that the bioreactor uses artificial intelligence to optimize algae growth. by monitoring carbon capture and algae output the company has found a way to create a product that is more sustainable, efficient, manageable and smaller in size than other bioreactor prototypes.

this algae-based bioreactor can swallow as much C02 from the air as an acre of trees



‘our goal at hypergiant industries is to use the world’s best technologies to solve the world’s biggest problems,’ says hypergiant industries ceo and founder, ben lamm. ‘excess carbon in our atmosphere is driving a number of massive catastrophes for our planet and pushing us to get off planet and colonize space.’


‘I want humanity to colonize space because I want to explore the cosmos to better understand our place within it. I don’t want us to colonize space because we are running away from our home planet. this device is one of our first efforts focused on fixing the planet we are on. we hope to inspire and collaborate with others on a similar mission.’

this algae-based bioreactor can swallow as much C02 from the air as an acre of trees



later this year, hypergiant industries plans to release blueprints for the eos bioreactor to the online maker community. the goal is to empower individuals to create similar, smaller and modular devices for use in residential units.


the company will also focus on the use of recycled ocean plastics to create the devices and encourages the community to do so as well. additional details on productization will be announced in 2020.


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company: hypergiant

device: bioreactor

status: prototype