hyundai develops working ‘iron man’ exoskeleton suit to help workers and paraplegics  
all images courtesy of hyundai 




south korean carmaker hyundai is on a mission to manufacture fully mechanized suits that allows users to infuse robotics into everyday tasks. the hyundai exoskeleton can lift up to 50 kilograms over long distances and supervising super-human duties. the progress being made is part of the company’s ‘next mobility’ project which plans to help paraplegics, the physically disabled and the elderly, as well as hyundai’s workers on the manufacturing line. similar programs by suitX, berkeley bionics and lockheed martin have made the news as well. with progress being made so quickly, by so many companies, exoskeletons have the possibility to be ready for mass production within the next decade.

the suit can lift up to 50 kilograms 

hyundai-exoskeleton-designboom-03 hyundai-exoskeleton-designboom-04 hyundai-robot-exoskeleton-designboom-05 hyundai-exoskeleton-designboom-06
part of the ‘next mobility’ project, other branches help paraplegics