hyundai mobis tests out the e-corner wheel system 


Revealed for the first time during CES 2018 and later on at the 2021 and 2023 shows, the Hyundai Mobis e-Corner System can make your vehicle move and rotate in ways you’ve never thought possible. This ‘crabwalking’ technology made its first appearance two years ago in a GMC Hummer EV, leaving the automobile community awestruck. Today, the Japanese brand is testing a version of the revolutionary system on its very own Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV, and the results are impressive. 

thanks to a 'crabwalk' system, this hyundai IONIQ 5 can move sideways and rotate 180°
images courtesy of Hyundai Mobis



Essentially, the e-Corner System developed by Hyundai Mobis (see more here) is a four-wheel base that can rotate the tires at up to 90 degrees. This allows the vehicle to parallel park without a glitch, move sideways, drive diagonally, and even complete a whole spin on the spot with zero-turning momentum. The company emphasizes that its integrated technology is suitable for compact and mid-size electric cars, as well as SUVs. Depending on the type, the e-Corner module can be customized to fit into the vehicle’s foundation without taking up unnecessary space.


Fueling the ‘crabwalking’ system are four components: an electric damper, a Steer-By-Wire, a Brake-By-Wire, and an In-Wheel Motor. You can learn more about the e-Corner specs by watching the video below. 

thanks to a 'crabwalk' system, this hyundai IONIQ 5 can move sideways and rotate 180°



Still in its prototyping phase, the technology will likely not be launching anytime soon, but Hyundai Mobis is expecting — or rather, hoping — to kick off commercial production of the e-Corner System in 2025 (according to a statement made during the CES 2021 show). 





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name: e-Corner System 

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