hyundai mobis unveils its concept series, a playfully designed pair of urban shared mobility electric vehicles. dubbed the X and the POP, the two electric taxi models propose a more engaging passenger experience and contact-free communication method — acknowledging the changes brought on in a post-COVID era. the smaller model is a two-seater called the POP which is designed with ‘wheel rotation’ and ‘crab driving’ technologies and connects to the user via smartphone. the larger model, the X, seats four passengers within its unique, open interior surrounded on all sides by transparent display screens.

hyundai m vision POP, seats two | image courtesy of hyundai mobis



with a theme of ‘tech joy,’ hyundai mobis develops its tiny and conceptual POP. the team seeks to introduce an element of fun through a convergence of the latest technologies of hyundai mobis. the core design element is coined ‘phobility,’ a compound term celebrating mobility enjoyed on a smartphone. this newly designed technology employs the smartphone docked on the steering wheel to control the vehicle. the docked smartphone with its navigation screen interfaces becomes the cockpit of the EV.


meanwhile, a modular ‘e-corner’ in-wheel system allows the wheels of the POP to rotate up to 180 degrees. this system allows for side-to-side ‘crab driving,’ optimizing parallel parking, and even allows a 360 degree rotation of the car where there is room. this innovative e-corner module marks a next-generation technology that integrates the driving, braking, steering, suspension system in each wheel of the vehicle.

hyundai m vision X, seats four | image courtesy of hyundai mobis



hyundai mobis’ X differs from its tiny counterpart as it seats four passengers, while still packed with innovative and playful technology. the team names the car ‘X’ to celebrate the expansion of communication (eXpansion), connected experience (eXperience), and expedition into a new space (eXpedition). the vehicle’s 360 degree windows are designed to transform into a themed display or even a screen for watching sports games or performances — with each window up to the control of each passenger.


the core feature of the EV which gives passengers the most control is the vertical interior cockpit. resembling a square pillar, each of the four sides of the cockpit features a 28-inch display, communicating with passengers through contact-free gesture recognition functions and offering passengers control over all driving-related functions including the autonomous driving mode, AI speakers, and infotainment. a sterilization function uses UV lighting to automatically sterilize the vehicle once the passengers exit the car, optimizing post-pandemic technologies.



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