hyundai has revealed two new hydrogen-powered concepts – a fuel cell electric semi-truck and refrigerated trailer. both vehicles are part of the automaker’s fuel cell electric vehicle 2030 vision, which includes the widespread use of hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology in vehicles.




HMC introduced the HDC-6 neptune concept class 8 heavy-duty truck, while hyundai translead (HT), a leading trailer manufacturer, announced the launch of its new, clean energy refrigerated concept trailer, the HT nitro thermotech. the tractor-trailer combination provides a window into the future of the transportation in the us and around the world.

tesla has a rival in new hyundai hydrogen-powered semi-truck concept

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the HDC-6 neptune evolves the class 8 truck, looking toward the future in design, in-cab technology and propulsion system. the concept continues hyundai’s leadership in moving to a decarbonized society and the advancement of zero-emission vehicles. this future truck will add to the company’s success in commercial vehicles, which are already sold in 130 countries around the world.


the HDC-6 neptune concept was inspired by the streamliner railway trains that ran from 1936 until 1959, an example of art deco industrial design. the pioneering twentieth century industrial designer, henry dreyfuss, applied a prime example of art deco design for the new york central railroad in the 1930’s, symbolizing the greatest technological wonder of the era, while looking bold and iconic at the same time.

tesla has a rival in new hyundai hydrogen-powered semi-truck concept



‘the fuel cell powertrain gave us the opportunity to redefine the classical typology and architecture of the truck,’ said luc donckerwolke, chief design officer of hyundai motor group. ‘the hyundai commercial vehicles design team started with a white sheet of paper focusing on the new defined functionality resetting all standards in order to project commercial vehicles in the future.’


the HT nitro thermotech concept trailer is optimal for transporting cold chain products. temperatures are reduced more quickly than a traditional refrigeration unit and maintained with precise control of desired temperatures. the intelligent control system and independent cooling power maximize thermal efficiency. the HT nitro thermotech concept trailer is not affected by outside temperatures. maximum power is always available, even when the truck’s engine is off or idling.

tesla has a rival in new hyundai hydrogen-powered semi-truck concept



‘this refrigerated trailer concept represents a significant advancement in our continued commitment to corporate social responsibility,’ said bongjae lee, chief executive officer of hyundai translead. ‘by developing innovative technology, hyundai translead is helping address climate change. the HT nitro thermotech reduces pollutants and emissions while providing reliable and effective cold chain food transportation.’


the HT nitro thermotech concept trailer features new, enhanced structural designs. the side wall, front wall, and roof are each constructed as a one-piece, structural sandwich foam panel with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) skins. the materials are made without posts and roof bows.


the one-piece structural foam panel design creates a lighter weight trailer with increased wall strength and enhanced thermal efficiency, while maintaining the same cubic trailer volume. the improved structure panels are bonded to the rails, which reduce thermal bridges, remove potential water intrusion, and provide a cleaner finish.


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company: hyundai
model: HDC-6 neptune / HT nitro thermotech concept