korean-automaker hyundai unveils its first mass-produced electric bus, called the ‘elec city’. its 256 kWh battery pack lets the vehicle drive for 180 miles (290 km) before recharging. according to a report from the yonhap news agency, the bus can also be fully charged in just over an hour. hyundai aims to launch the electric bus next year.

 hyundai's first mass-produced electric bus elec city to arrive in 2018
all images © hyundai motor



since 2015, hyundai motor has accelerated its research and development of electric and fuel cell buses. its first mass-produced electric bus – ‘elec city’ – showcases the korean manufacturer’s achievements, highlighting the breadth of electric bus technology from the brand. alongside production of the electric bus, hyundai plans to launch the third generation of its fuel cell bus in 2018, having shown the first-generation vehicle at the 2006 fifa world cup in germany.


mr. yeongduck tak, senior vice president, head of commercial vehicle R+D division comments, ‘hyundai motor has achieved a lot in the eco-friendly vehicle field, but we will never stand still. we continue to invest heavily to ensure zero-emission technology for all commercial vehicles.’