ever wondered how many calories you’re burning during sex? exactly how long you lasted? how you compare to others around the world? well, the i.Con smart condom ring is the latest advance in wearable technology, here to give you the answers you probably never needed to know. essentially a fitbit for your junk, the world’s first smart condom ring uses a nano-chip to measure a number of different variables during your session, including ‘velocity of thrusts’, ‘girth’ and ‘positions used.’ the wearable also comes with an ‘antibodies filter’ to detect the presence of any STIs. the device then sends the data straight to your phone via bluetooth, so best make sure to turn off push notifications to avoid awkward situations. the tandem app then offers up the extremely awkward possibility to compare your stats with friends, and/or make them public for the world to see.



there’s no need to worry about the i.Con running out of steam before you do, since the device can last 6-8 hours (!) on a single charge. nonetheless, charging the device poses the slightly nauseating task of plugging the i.Con into your computer via a USB. the device—manifactured by british condoms—offers a one year warantee, and can reused over and over again. thank goodness.