engineering company IAV has developed a smart cargobike that follows couriers around whilst making deliveries. ensuring swift, efficient and zero-emission deliveries, it’s just one example of a possible solution for transportation in the urban setting.


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using a camera that’s positioned at the front of the cargobike, it automatically recognizes the courier and follows him or her at walking pace. the cargo is also stored in a spacious transport box that can only be opened when the courier is in the immediate vicinity.


‘our cargobike offers a multi-purpose connected solution for making deliveries in the urban setting,’ says IAV. ‘growing pressure on time and costs, a lack of parking space, restricted flexibility and ever stricter regulations in terms of environmental demands are just some of the problems confronting the logistics sector on a daily basis.’

IAV develops smart cargobike that follows the courier around like a dog

images courtesy of IAV



presented at the 2020 edition of the consumer electronics show, IAV presented the cargobike as an end-to-end solution. it includes a front-end application in the form of a smartphone app that shows the courier his/her individual route and relevant information about the vehicle. it is also connected to a backend server where all processes are computed and saved.


‘our cargobike concept with its range of services supports the whole logistics chain, from fleet management, scheduling and route optimization to securing the goods being delivered.’


the cargobike is connected to DiSA, IAV’s digital service assistant, a smart, clearly structured dashboard that makes it easy for car-sharing providers, logistics companies and fleet management to look after vehicle pools. the online service allows the state of all vehicles from bike to truck to be monitored and evaluated, including all key operating and maintenance parameters, at any time on a global scale.


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company: IAV
product: smart cargobike
event: CES 2020