icona designs electric compact concept for overcrowded city streets
all images courtesy of icona




the roots of the icona are loacted in the area of turin, italy where globally recgonized facilities and automotive knowhow are concentrated, from designers to manufacturing companies, from equipment manufacturers to universities and research centers. with the compact ‘neo’ concept, the diverse design team looked to analysis software, virtual reality and simulation processes as powerful tools to improve transportation in tight, urban areas. the development included manufacturing physical models and prototypes that allow drivers to have a more realistic view of the future. it will be completely electric, to help provide a continual sustainable transportation infrastructure, and a demonstration for the need for unpolluted urban areas.

icona-neo-compact-concept-designboom-02the two-door concept  icona-neo-compact-concept-designboom-03directed towards growing areas such as shanghai icona-neo-compact-concept-designboom-04the interior layout icona-neo-compact-concept-designboom-05the backseat acts as a quick storage solution icona-neo-compact-concept-designboom-06LED lighting on the door stills  icona-neo-compact-concept-designboom-07the front façade  icona-neo-compact-concept-designboom-08  icona-neo-compact-concept-designboom-09