icona hand shapes titanium to produce an one-off blistering hypercar
all images courtesy of icona






boutique automotive company icona is going to showcase a very unique titanium and carbon fiber body at 2015 pebble beach concours d’elegance. original presented at the 2013 shanghai motor show, the ‘vulcano’ follows the same stylistic lines as the famous blackbird sr-71, alongside a hand crafted titanium body that took 1,000 hours to sculpt. it is purposely shaped to move out the hot air from the engine and to reduce air turbulence generated by the wheels. 

video courtesy of icona




the ‘vulcano titanium’ will be built by italian coach builder cecomp, with a mid front engine calibrated for homologated road and race use with an balance of efficiency and convenience. the paddle shifting gearbox is coupled with a supercharged V8 that outputs 670 horsepower, that accelerates the car from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. the icona ‘vulcano titanium’ will bring a new dimension to the hypercar industry with its handcrafted titanium body and italian charisma. 

icona-vulcano-titanium-designboom-02the car is hand sculpted


icona-vulcano-titanium-designboom-03shaped to address air flow away from the wheels




icona-vulcano-titanium-designboom-05an interior rendering 


icona-vulcano-titanium-designboom-11touch sensitive center console


icona-vulcano-titanium-designboom-07carbon fiber accents 


icona-vulcano-titanium-designboom-08hood intake and LED lights


icona-vulcano-titanium-designboom-09air flows away from the wheels 


icona-vulcano-titanium-designboom-12track and road ready