iF design : motorola remote speaker microphone receives gold award

APX XE remote speaker microphone by motorola 


international communications company motorola has received an iF gold design award for their APX XE RSM (remote speaker microphone).
the device features duel microphones to allow for nose suppression in loud conditions. made especially for fire personnel,
there is an emergency strobe light visible through 10 feet of thick smoke, activating with the push of an emergency button. 
to ensure that their product would function well for the first response teams, motorola solutions worked closely with them,
conducting interviews, doing observational research, test concepts and validate features which were then translated into the final design. 

iF design : motorola remote speaker microphone receives gold award
the noise suppression helps first responders working in loud environments 

iF design : motorola remote speaker microphone receives gold award
the design features a built-in strobe light 

video © motorola solutions

about the iF design award
over the past 60 years or so, the iF design award of the international forum design has emerged as one of the highest seals 
of approval for outstanding design achievements. this year once again, manufacturers and designers from 48 countries submitted 
a total of 4,322 entries for the coveted award. the panel of judges, made up of internationally recognised design experts, 
deemed 1,218 submissions worthy of an award. the iF design awards 2012 were presented at BMW welt.

about the munich creative business week
this newly initiated series of events is committed to a clear-cut goal: to encourage high-calibre, in-depth debate on design issues and concepts.
to this end, the annual MCBW aims to stimulate an interdisciplinary design discourse and bring together creative and business professionals 
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munich metropolitan area until 12 february 2012. here BMW welt assumes a special role in more ways than one: as the location of the MCBW
press office it is a central hub of information on all aspects of the design event, while also serving as the location partner for various MCBW events. 
in addition to hosting the presentation of the iF design awards, BMW welt was also the venue for the MCBW launch ceremony.