the IFA (internationale funkausstellung) show in berlin is the european equivalent of CES. the trade show features consumer electronics, home appliances and almost everything in between. it runs from september 4 to 9, 2009.

elac is the maker of the de stilj speaker system that is a direct homage to dutch artist piet mondrian. the system features two stereo speakers and a compact subwoofer.

IFA berlin 09 highlights – day 2elac de stilj speaker system subwoofer.

IFA berlin 09 highlights – day 2the hi-sleep by iceberg technology is a small pillow that has an embedded speaker that hooks up to any music player. this device allows you to fall asleep listening to music without bothering any one else.

IFA berlin 09 highlights – day 2the dyson airblade is perhaps the fastest automatic hand dryer out there. using a thin ‘blade’ of air the device dries hands in a flash despite its odd appearance

IFA berlin 09 highlights – day 2love a frothy cappuccino in the morning but don’t have time to froth your own milk, try the gastroback automatic milk foamer. it produces 1 litre of tasty foamed milk in only 3 minutes.

IFA berlin 09 highlights – day 2asuka is the making of this tiny tv and fm radio receiver that can hook right up to a larger tv display. the device is perfect for never missing your favourite program and comes in a wide range of colours.

IFA berlin 09 highlights – day 2gastroback colour vision kettle features an optical color temperature indicator. the appliance illuminates depending on the temperature of the water in different colors from blue to red.