Get paid playing roblox in IKEA’s new virtual store and game


IKEA is taking remote working to the next level as it hires and pays Roblox players to work in its latest virtual store, The Co-Worker Game, set to be released on June 24th, 2024. Ten gamers will be selected to work in the different sections of the game like the Showroom and Bistro, similar to the physical store spaces of the retailer. They will help virtual people choose their furniture, design their spaces, and serve meatballs and drinks, to name a few.


The job is fully remote and flexible, and the gamers are paid an hourly rate of 13.15 pounds or 14.80 euros. Even though IKEA is offering a limited contract with its hiring, the retailer says that the gamers can have the opportunity to move departments, improve their skills and get promoted, which can hint that they may join the physical space and team at the end of their tenure.

ikea roblox the co-worker game hiring players
images courtesy of IKEA



‘the co-worker game’ is for gamers in UK and Ireland


A catch of IKEA’s hiring stint is that it’s only open to registered residents in the UK and Republic of Ireland. The application for the paid roles on The Co-Worker Game opened on June 3rd, 2024 and will run until June 16th. After that, 10 shortlisted applicants will attend virtual interviews for the fully remote virtual role, taking place between June 14th and 18th.


Once successful, the Roblox gamers start their shifts at IKEA’s Swedish Food Market and Bistro, show customers around the showrooms, and use the products in the digital space to organize rooms. They also get the chance to win IKEA User-Generated Content, a term used by Roblox for types of items and assets that can be created by a user, such as models and audio. IKEA on Roblox is developed by The Gang, a Swedish game design company.

ikea roblox the co-worker game hiring players
IKEA on Roblox opens on June 24th, 2024



Hiring applicants for ‘the co-worker game’


The Co-Worker Game is part of IKEA’s ‘Careers Done Different’ phase. It is its attempt to attract a new generation of co-workers in roles available in the company, but through a series of games inspired by real-life jobs at the Swedish retailer. The application is now open, and the recruitment process asks the applicants a series of questions and to upload their updated CV.


Videos can also be submitted, and if successful, applicants will be invited to a digital interview. IKEA says its 13.15-pound pay is its hourly rate for a London co-worker. ‘As a Living Wage Foundation employer, our rate of pay is aligned with the foundation’s real living wage,’ the retailer says. As of publishing the story, IKEA is only hiring 10 Roblox players for its virtual store and game.

ikea roblox the co-worker game hiring players
Roblox workers get their own players on The Co-Worker Game

ikea roblox the co-worker game hiring players
The Co-Worker Game on Roblox mirrors IKEA’s physical-store sections

ikea roblox the co-worker game hiring players
IKEA is hiring 10 players for The Co-Worker Game on Roblox



project info:


name: The Co-Worker Game

retailer: IKEA

platform: Roblox

development: The Gang