impuls motorcycles asks pair of munich artists to reinterpret custom BMW K100
all images courtesy of impuls motorcycles




impuls founders philip wulk and matthias pittner asked artists fabian gatermann and matthias edlinger reinterpret two BMW ‘K100s’ from 1985. through completely new renditions in terms of appearance and custom manufactured parts, both motorbikes become pieces of artwork. 

fabian gatermann’s rendtion of the BMW K100




fabian gatermann introduced a set of polygons through manual iteration and drew them by hand. the build introduced drawing, 3D modeling and manufacturing to create the motorcycle from scratch. 





‘my thought was to add something to this process,’ explains fabian gaterman. ‘first I scanned the motorcycle back into 3D and calculated polygons out of it. then I modified the structure again and I sketched it manually back onto the motorcycle. through the addition or the continuation of the process I think the motorcycle itself can tell a new story about itself and add a new aesthetic form to the motorcycle culture.’





for mattias edlinger, the motorcycle acted more as a canvas with a more ironic portrayal. the common pin up and illustrations are deconstructed and attached in his own unique style – a ruff artistic approach that mixes with subtle and humor flavors. 

impuls-BMW-k101-fabian-gatermann-matthias-edlinger-designboom-05 impuls-BMW-k101-fabian-gatermann-matthias-edlinger-designboom-06 impuls-BMW-k101-fabian-gatermann-matthias-edlinger-designboom-07
mattias edlinger’s interpretation 

impuls-BMW-k101-fabian-gatermann-matthias-edlinger-designboom-08 impuls-BMW-k101-fabian-gatermann-matthias-edlinger-designboom-09 impuls-BMW-k101-fabian-gatermann-matthias-edlinger-designboom-10 impuls-BMW-k101-fabian-gatermann-matthias-edlinger-designboom-11 impuls-BMW-k101-fabian-gatermann-matthias-edlinger-designboom-12e