U-M’s newest solar car ‘infinium’ image © scott galvin, U-M photo services

michigan university(U-M) 150 student solar car team has revealed the 10th-generation U-M solar vehicle ‘infinium’, at henry ford museum. ‘infinium’ is expected to be the most competitive car in the team’s history. it has the capability to travel 300 miles without the sun. the car has a lithium battery, space-grade solar cells comparable to those NASA uses in satellites and an in-wheel electric motor designed for solar cars that peaks at 98 percent efficiency. a collaboration among students from different majors allowed the team to design, build, finance, market, and race the ‘infinium’ solar car.

'infinium' solar vehicleengineering student sudeep rohatgi sits in the cockit of the solar car ‘infinium’image © scott galvin, U-M photo services

'infinium' solar vehicleafter the official unveiling ceremony at henry ford museum image © nicole casal moore, U-M news service and college of engineering

'infinium' solar vehicle‘infinium’ image © bob ramey

'infinium' solar vehicle solar car team continuum during the race in australia courtesy of solar car team 2007