the mclaren m6gt gets a minimalist makeover


London-based design studio INK has once again pushed the boundaries of automotive design with this reimagined McLaren M6GT, the latest addition to its Plainbodies series. The project is dubbed ‘Bruce’s Unfinished Masterpiece,’ an homage to Bruce McLaren — a pioneering race car driver, engineer, and founder of McLaren racing who envisioned the M6GT as the fastest road car in existence in the late 1960s. This ghostly, stripped-down version of the race car expresses the team’s minimalistic aesthetics together with its passion for automotive history and its preservation. INK McLaren M6GTimages © INK | @weareink



ink continues its plainbodies series


Unveiling its envisioned McLaren M6GT, INK describes its Plainbodies series as a celebration of speed and form in its purest sense. The design studio begins with historic race cars and peels away their classic liveries, revealing the practical beauty hidden beneath. The edition, rendered in stark white, joins a lineup that includes the Porsche 917, Ferrari 330 P4, and the Ford GT40. Using computer graphics techniques, the team at INK reconstructs these vehicles with careful attention to detail and a continued commitment to its minimalist vision. Countless hours of revision are invested to ensure that each vehicle is represented with the utmost precision, breathing new life into these automotive legends.

INK McLaren M6GT



Bruce McLaren’s vision for the M6GT is the genesis for all McLaren road cars,’ the team at INK writes, explaining the history behind the race car.Based on the latest race technology, the M6GT was superlight, blistering quick, confidence inspiring and safe, and continues to define the McLaren brand today. In 1969, new manufacturing regulations required McLaren to build fifty identical models of the M6GT car, a requirement that McLaren could not meet at the time.’

INK McLaren M6GT



The group continues:This rule would ultimately doom the M6GT, leaving it confined to the pages of history as an unfinished masterpiece. Unfortunately, just one year later in 1970, Bruce McLaren passed away and his vision for the M6GT died with him. His legacy lived on through a race-spec prototype, the OBH 500H, which continues to tell the story of McLaren’s innovative ambition to race at Le Mans and deliver a road-legal supercar only a few years after the establishment of his company.’

James Ball, Founding Director at INK comments:Stripping the car to its bare essentials, and showcasing the purity of form pay tribute to Bruce’s vision.

INK envisions minimalistic edition of 'bruce's unfinished masterpiece,' mclaren M6GT



project info: 


project title: Bruce’s Unfinished Masterpiece

design studio: INK | @weareink

model car: McLaren M6GT