intel edison SD-card sized computer
all images courtesy intel




at a keynote delivery during CES 2014 in las vegas, intel announced their latest attempt to foray into the world of the internet of things with ‘intel edison’, an SD-card sized computer. similar to the raspberry pi, the tiny device boasts a dual-core 400MHz intel quark processor, integrated Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity, flash storage, RAM, and a micro-controller for real-time input and output with external devices. the development board can be designed to work with most any device — not just computers, phones, or tablets, but chairs, coffeemakers, and even coffee cups. the ‘intel edison’ can house multiple apps that can be downloaded and installed just like we do with phones and tablets, allowing for a wide-range of customization.


to watch the full keynote presentation at CES 2014, see the video below:



intel edison is an SD-card sized dual-core computer

intel edison detail