interactive ashtray rewards smokers when they dispose their cigarettes
all images courtesy of ioglo




‘it’s time to create and develop new ways of dealing with current societal problems,’ design agency ioglo affirm. building upon this idea, the dutch/turkish studio produces ‘fumo’, an interactive cigarette bin that celebrates each smoke disposal with a jubilant light and sound show. each time a butt is tossed inside, an energetic tune starts to play for about 10 seconds while 56 LEDs perform a spirited choreography to the music. the tune will vary per disposal — as the smoke pole contains over 50 sound samples — ranging from a joyous gospel choir performance to homer simpson’s ‘d’oh!’.


fumo: an interactive smoke pole that makes disposing fun!
video courtesy of ioglo



although this urban version of ‘fumo’ was created for public spaces, its potential reaches beyond venues or city squares. ‘each fumo is hand-crafted, creating an opportunity of becoming a platform, optimized for each context,’ raymond reints of ioglo explains. ‘following iterations can be designed differently, making ‘fumo’ suitable for parks, shopping malls, cinemas, train stations, theme parks or even hospitals’.

interactive ashtray rewards smokers when they dispose their cigarettes
the pole’s slots is where the fun begins



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