nylon ipod watch strap by county comm

last week apple announced their new touchscreen, square format ipod nano. while the device is designed for music, many users instantly recognized it for its time telling capabilities. since the announcement, no fewer than three companies have already developed watchbands that would turn the device into a wrist accessory. the first is the I love handles ‘rock band’, a simple black strap that uses the ipod’s built-in clip to attach itself. next is the ‘linq’ by incipio, this design has a small rubber frame which fits around the ipod, keeping it attached to the strap and protected from any bumps. the last concept is a simple nylon strap that also slides through the ipod’s clip by county comm.

http://ilovehandles.net http://www.myincipio.com http://www.countycomm.com/applewatch.htm

ipod nano watchesnylon ipod watch strap by county comm

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ipod nano watches ‘rock band’ by I love handles

ipod nano watches‘linq’ by incipio

ipod nano watches

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