toshiba’s ‘is12t’, the first smartphone running the windows mango operating system

the ‘is12t‘, manufactured for the japanese market by fujitsutoshiba, is the world’s first smartphone to feature microsoft’s mango (windows 7.5) operating system.

mango offers a tile-based interface, as well as internet explorer 9 capability and the ability to edit microsoft office documents directly on the phone. a ‘people hub’ replaces the address book, compiling personal and social media information.

for hardware, the semi-waterproof and dust-resistant ‘is12t’ features a 3.7-inch screen and 13.2-megapixel rear camera, as well as six-axis motion sensors. 32GB of internal memory are supported by 25GB of available server space through windows live skydrive, microsoft’s free cloud service. the GPS-ready device supports wifi and bluetooth 2.1+EDR, featuring both CDMA and GSM connectivity for global use.

the ‘is12t’ is expected to be available in september of 2011 on the japanese carrier KDDI. the three colour models (black, citrus, and magenta) have been selected to match the tile colours possible on the mango interface.

is12t windows mango phone full frontal screen views

is12t windows mango phone ‘is12t’ in black

is12t windows mango phone ‘is12t’ in magenta

diginfo offers demos and discussion by toshiba of their ‘is12t’ phone

is12t windows mango phone

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