italdesign’s modular GTzero allows for several different interior layouts and drive systems
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the ‘GTzero’ by italdesign is based on a modular monocoque carbon frame with integrated batteries and an electric powertrain consisting of three motors – two on the front axle and one on the rear. the set-up of the concept car projects a delivery of 360 kW of power through a four-wheel drive. the design comes directly from a section of traditional italian automotive shapes. ‘GTzero’ pays tribute to the nearly fifty years of history of italdesign, recapturing several ideas from some of its historic concept cars.

the ‘elytra’ style door panels 
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to ensure lightness and strength, the body is made of composite materials and is supported by a solid carbon frame and aluminum sub-frame. these allow modularity, suitable for different types of cars and drive systems. the two doors which open in ‘elytra’ style subsume a portion of the roof, increasing comfort when getting in and out of the passenger compartment. inside, passengers will notice the complete absence of buttons. all the controls are delegated to screens with multi-touch with different menus and settings appearing on how many fingers are placed. 

the shape includes many influences from past italdesign concepts 
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‘concerns for the environment and advanced technologies have led to cars to be both efficient and powerful,’ explains filippo perini, head of design at italdesign to designboom. ‘the car’s aesthetic personality has to be still be preserved. irrespective of the type of drive system, the various types of car will not disappear and sports cars will continue to exert a particular appeal. GTzero is our vision of a classic, the gran turismo, which embodies the traditions of Italian body designers, but is also brought up to date with tomorrow’s technologies and requirements. it has zero emissions, so it is therefore GTzero.’

the ‘GTzero’ would be completely electric 
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the hexagonal rear window 
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the 21 inch front wheels 
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the interior dashboard layout 
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