jackery’s autonomous robot has expandable solar panels to produce more clean energy

jackery’s autonomous robot has expandable solar panels to produce more clean energy

Jacker’s solar mars bot comes with multiple solar panels


Energy company Jackery conceptualizes the Solar Mars Bot, an autonomous roving robot equipped with multiple solar panels to generate clean energy using sunlight like an electric charging station. A striking feature of the autonomous robot is its ability to swivel and expand the multiple solar panels like a Swiss Army Knife, enabling it to absorb more sunlight. Jackery states that the Solar Mars Bot may act like a sunflower, automatically following the sun to ensure it gathers as much sunlight as possible.


The autonomous robot is a smart device with 4G sensors, laser radar, and camera modules. It crawls on its own and can avoid obstacles thanks to these features. As an intelligent photovoltaic energy storage device on wheels, it can power up appliances, equipment, and devices simultaneously for users on the road or at home. Recently, Jackery announced that it won TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023 Award in the Green Energy category, potentially confirming the energy company’s commitment to further develop the real model of its autonomous solar-panel robot.

jackery solar mars bot solar panels autonomous robot
images by Jackery



Autonomous roving robot with many ports


Jackery’s Solar Mars Bot is envisioned to be equipped with a high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery, similar to the ones installed in the company’s solar products, and to have a wide range of connections such as earthed sockets and varying types of USB ports, -C and -A included. By opening up numerous ports around the autonomous robot with solar panels, the crawling power generator can charge more devices and tools at once.


Going back to its sensors, Jackery says that Solar Mars Bot’s ability to navigate its path on its own would be made possible with the intelligent sensors backed by movement planning capabilities. This means that the autonomous robot is propelled by the sensors to identify the optimal spots for power generation, guaranteeing the maximum capacity to capture energy using its multiple solar panels.

jackery solar mars bot solar panels autonomous robot
meet Solar Mars Bot, Jacker’s autonomous robot with multiple solar panels



A camping and off-grid living energy buddy


The Jackery Solar Mars Bot may be a useful smart device for users who are often traveling for off-grid living and working. One of the images in this story can give the impression that there might be a long handle attached, so people of all ages can lug the autonomous robot anywhere they go. It may also entail that if the Solar Mars Bot cannot crawl on its own, it can ask the user to move it around using the handle.


Looking at its shape, Jackery’s design for its autonomous robot with solar panels may recall tortoises. They have a similar figure, and they both crawl at a certain pace. Its big rubberized-looking wheels help the smart device go through bumps and stony paths on the road, making it easier for Solar Mars Bot to become a buddy during camping, RVing, off-grid living, and even emergencies. As of publishing the story, Jackery is yet to announce the real-model development of its autonomous robot with multiple solar panels.

jackery solar mars bot solar panels autonomous robot
the autonomous robot has a handle that users can use to move it around

jackery solar mars bot solar panels autonomous robot
Jackery may plan to dedicate an app for Solar Mars Robot which can keep track of where it goes

jackery solar mars bot solar panels autonomous robot
Jackery’s Solar Mars Bot swivels its solar panels out of the autonomous robot’s body


Jackery’s autonomous robot with solar panels, Solar Mars Bot, suits off-grid traveling


project info:


name: Solar Mars Bot

company: Jackery

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